Dietary Services

There is nothing standard about the dining experience at Arlington Health and Rehabilitation. Before we can fully heal our physical self, we must also heal our emotional self. To us, the nourishment received through a delicious meal enjoyed in a relaxed, welcoming environment is just as important to the healing process as anything else. We believe, to some extent, this can be done through an elevated diet.

Unlike most nursing homes, Arlington Health and Rehabilitation provides a restaurant-style dining environment whereby our residents have the option to order each meal off a full menu. This amenity affords individuals with a sense of freedom and independence that is often lost within a nursing home setting.

Our dietary team takes great pride in the food that is prepared and served. Using the freshest ingredients and locally-grown produce whenever possible, our dedicated staff brings years of experience and a genuine sense of purpose to each meal.

While our dishes are always nutritious, well-balanced, and delicious, our dietary team works closely with a professional dietitian to ensure we’re adhering to any food restrictions due to diet, allergy, religious, or personal preference. We will meet with you upon admission to guarantee we are up to speed on your unique dietary needs and preferences so that your time with us is enjoyable and safe.

Our meals are served at regularly scheduled times in the social dining room. For those who prefer more private dining options, meals can also be served to you in your room. If you wish to have a guest at meal time, please just let the dietary staff know one hour prior to service (along with the number of visitors) and we’ll be happy to provide additional meals for a nominal fee.

We look forward to meeting (and feeding) you!